Hello, my name is Penny Kelleher.

I’m a holistic health consultant, specializing in homeopathy and flower essence therapy to support your mind and body in a long-lasting way.

For the last ten years I’ve relied on homeopathy and flower essences for their gentleness and depth of healing.

My own recovery from a difficult health issue happened after moving across the world to a big, busy city. Overwhelmed suddenly by allergies and fatigue, plus a myriad of other problems, and living in a new country without easy access to affordable medical care, I set off to find a doctor, a test, a therapist, anything that might help me get back to my old self. 

But nothing seemed to work for long, or it cost too much to be financially sustainable. 

Then homeopathy came up in a conversation by chance. I couldn’t believe that we can resonate with a substance from nature to heal – and that there’s energy in a … pill? Mystified, but quite desperate, I was prepared to try it.

During my first 1.5 hour consult with a homeopath we talked about my mental, emotional, and physical health, and came to a deeper understanding of what I really needed. Her attentiveness and care helped me to feel safe during this new and unknown process.

Over a year or so I received a few remedies tailored to me, each one beautiful in its own way. Over time everything improved significantly. I felt much brighter with more energy. With flower essences I was able to face some emotional blocks within myself (yes, my ‘old self’ needed some remedies too!)  

Today, homeopathy and flower essences are essential for my day to day wellbeing. 

A bit about my training – I’ve completed the 4 year practitioner program at the UK’s School of Homeopathy, where I studied classical and contemporary homeopathic approaches. Since 2021 I’ve attended Angelica Lemke’s School of Intuitive Homeopathy.  My flower essence therapy education began with Lindsay Fauntleroy of The Spirit Seed, and I’ve continued training with Ruth Toledo Altschuler and Linda Nurra.



I’m a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and abide by their ethical code and have fulfilled their requirements to practice homeopathy. Homeopathy is not licensed in New York state, where I live. 

Homeopathic remedies and flower essences are environmentally sustainable products as only a tiny amount of material substance is used to make them.  They are available from many health food stores, pharmacies and online, in the USA and around the world. Two well-known brands are Boiron, a French homeopathy company, and Bach Flower Remedies, UK.

Penny Kelleher

RS Hom (NA)