Are you struggling with a health issue and not sure where to find help?

HOMEOPATHY  is a system of holistic energy therapy that sees the body, mind and spirit as intricately connected, with the ability to self-heal. 


Homeopathic remedies strengthen your immune system, or vital force – also called ‘qi’, or ‘prana’ in other medical traditions. Many issues can be helped with homeopathy – from stress, worry, grief,  addiction and trauma – to all kinds of physical problems such as chronic pain, skin and digestion issues, musculoskeletal complaints, hormonal imbalances, allergies, plus much more.

One of the most beneficial aspects of working homeopathically is that we fully explore your health, both mind and body, so your homeopathic remedy (or remedies) is a close match to you and can work deeply. 

By addressing the root cause you’ll have fewer visits to the doctor as well as greater well-being and peace of mind, plus the long term financial benefits of good health.

Remedies are also inexpensive, free from side effects, and can be taken alongside medication. 

And…homeopathy is an environmentally sound medicine because a tiny amount of substance is used to make it. 


Homeopathy isn’t herbs or supplements. However, remedies are often made from plants and minerals, and animals too. There are over 7000 remedies in all!

Energy medicine, and electromagnetism in general, aren’t yet fully understood, but the clinical experience of homeopaths over two centuries, plus decades of scientific research, have shown that it’s effective.

By choosing a remedy that resonates best with your dis-ease and energy state, your immune system can be prompted to begin to heal itself. 

To make a remedy, a small quantity of the material is taken and diluted many times until no molecules of the original substance remains. This means homeopathy is a completely non-toxic product. It’s shaken many times during this process to activate it energetically. 

Why are such tiny amounts of a substance healing (you might be wondering)?  

Cutting and eating a raw onion often makes you teary with a running nose, or burning eyes. The person who discovered homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann – and others, like Hippocrates, before him – realized that a substance in its material form, if consumed enough, will produce unpleasant symptoms, but if it’s highly diluted it will heal those same or similar symptoms. This is how homeopathy got its name – “homeo” means “similar”, “-pathy” means “suffering.” 

Homeopathy is just one example of the principle: “similia similibus curentur” or “like cures like”. Because of Hahnemann we now have a remedy made from onion – Allium cepa – and it can help colds and hay fever!


If you’d like a more vital, healthy life, or a holistic way to support yourself and your immune system…

…please get in touch and we can talk more about how homeopathy can help you!,

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