The benefits of energy therapy are best experienced over time and a package is a budget friendly way to begin, with 3 consults included. Otherwise, you can find my individual rates below. 

Consults are held online using Zoom. I’m able to work with people all over the world in various time zones for Homeopathy consults, but you have to be located in the USA for Flower Essence therapy. Payment is required before our first consult and please reach out to arrange a payment plan if you need one.  

Email me or book a 20 minute Intro call below!

Homeopathy Helper

Homeopathy Helper is a package of 3 homeopathy  consults. 

This is the package for you (or your child) for  chronic health issues – problems you’ve had for longer than 3 months.  

The initial consult is 1.5-2 hours (1 hour for children) and you can expect a relaxed and thorough conversation about all the issues you’d like to work on. 

Homeopathy is a catalyst for your body to heal itself – a journey that is unique to you – so we talk about your health history, and long term health goals. I include an explanation of the homeopathic approach and what to expect over the time we work together. 

Within a few days I’ll contact you with your suggested individualized plan.

In our follow ups – 45-60 mins each, usually every 4-6 weeks – we continue to address any issues with new remedies or by fine-tuning your current ones.

COST:  $380 Adults / $270 Child under 18  3 consults to be used within 9 months. Remedies can be purchased at a pharmacy online for $12-25 (inc. shipping)

Flowers for the Soul

Flowers for the Soul is a package of 3 flower essence consults. 

 A flower essence is an energetic imprint of a flower or plant that’s carried in water. Every plant has a unique emotional or spiritual pattern and by taking the vibrational essence made from the plant we can access its qualities for healing. It can be ingested or added to bath water or used as a room spray.  

Patterns of stress, anxiety and fear, issues around personal power and identity, self-esteem struggles, intimacy & communication problems, can all be positively benefited with flower essences. 

In our first consult we’ll talk about what is out of balance and areas of stress for you. 

When we meet again we talk about how you’re doing and change your blend as patterns will have shifted and released.

Note: if you have lots of have physical issues too, I suggest you try the Homeopathy Helper package. Flower essence support can be included alongside homeopathy as adjunct support if you wish.

COST:  $280  for  3  consults to be used within 12 months 


Note: Homeopathic remedies are purchased separately.

Homeopathy initial Adult     $225   (1.5-2hrs)

        Follow up   $95  (1 hr)     

Homeopathy initial, Child under 18    $160  (1 hr) 

        Follow up    $75  (45 mins)

Flower essences initial (Adult or Child)  $120   (1hr) 

       Follow up    $ 95   (45 mins)

Flower essences for pets    $65    (1/2 hr)

Acute / Emergency care

If you’re a homeopathy patient working with me for chronic care, I can assist with acute issues like coughs, colds, First Aid, support before/after surgery.

Depending on the issue I offer 30 min phone consult & email check ins, or an email consult with check ins.

COST: $25-45

Email me at : to ask me about your health issue.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made on this site are for coaching and educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or conventional medical care. Always seek the guidance of your qualified medical professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition