Linden Blossom Tea


The Linden tree, with its heart shaped leaves, is sacred to many cultures, and has long been associated with love, marriage, friendship and the goddess Freya. Linden is a very comforting tea and inspires feelings of warmth and fidelity, especially when we’re longing for our loved ones, whether near or departed.

Relaxing and calming at bedtime, and gentle enough for children.



Linden blossom + leaves (tilea spp.)


1 tbs in 12 oz boiling water (about the size of a mug) for 5-10 minutes (for children, halve the amount of tea and steep for less time)


1.2 oz (up to 35 servings, depending on your cup size)

PACKAGING: Packaged in a compostable, vegan, non-GMO bag. Just remove the label and send it off with the rest of your compost, or compost at home.



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